Today we review the Avocet ABS euro lock and find out if it is as secure as they make out. So firstly here is  a bit about the lock. The ABS is a anti snap lock designed to retro fit to all upvc and composite doors to combat lock snapping. It uses a dimple style key similar to the Cisa Astral S we reviewed earlier. The main difference between the ABS dimple keys and all other dimple keys is a small magnet which is pressed into each of the ABS keys which plays a vital role. The pins inside an ABS are much the same as pins found on a lot of other common locks but the ABS also has a magnetic pin which is lifted into position by the magnet in the key. This makes the lock very difficult to pick and as far as we are aware at the moment impossible to bump open. The Avocet ABS also reaches the sold secure diamond standard and British standard. The ABS comes with 3 keys and a key registration card which must be retained in order to get extra keys cut. 
The cylinder has a snap safe sacrificial point built into the external side of barrel which is designed to break off when attacked by burglars leaving the cylinder secure. It is not uncommon now to see cylinders with sacrificial points built in but where the ABS exceeds some other cylinders is under a prolonged cylinder attack. A lot of the other snap safe cylinders can be still broken at the weak spot in the middle with a little knowlage and the right  tools (obviously we cant say how its done) but the ABS has built in patented anti snap technology which will lock the cam of the cylinder solid and block access to the the locking mechanism stopping the door from being opened. 

So what do we think?
The Avocet ABS is a very secure euro cylinder and it definitely is up to the job of keeping out even the most determined burglars. We have tested the cylinder and tried to break into exactly as a burglar would with the same tools and techniques that they commonly try to use and the ABS stood up to the test and then some. The cylinder could have a smoother action as they can feel a bit jerky/grinding sometimes and reliability could be better as we have seen a few faulty ones already but over all a very good lock.

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