At 1st Defence Locksmiths we have had a seriously busy month. We mentioned in a previous post we were starting a Wakefield locksmiths service and it seems it has been very well received. We have been nipping over to Wakefield at all hours of the day to help out our Wakefield customers. The latest Wakefield job was to secure a property at 2am! At the same time we have been very busy with our locksmith services in Leeds. We have done a lot of gain entry's this month with customers loosing there keys and we have also had quite a lot of faulty Upvc door mechanisms to deal with. Thankfully this month we have not been to many burglaries in Leeds or Wakefield we have only attended 2 in Leeds and non in Wakefield although we have upgraded a lot of property's to anti snap locks this month but they have all been before a burglary has occurred which hopefully means the message about anti snap locks is finally becoming common knowalge. You can read more about anti snap locks in one of our earlier posts.  
We owe a big thank you this month to our friends at Leeds locksmiths who have been taking care of a lot of our work for us when we have been too busy to attend ourselves, they are the only other Leeds locksmiths we recommend to our customers if we are unavailable.Lets hope that this month is just as busy!