So it’s been a long time since we started this blog and at the beginning we promised to review some of the anti-snap locks that are now available. Now seems a good time to start after the BBC programme on lock snapping in West Yorkshire last month we have had lots of people enquiring about anti snap locks, so here is the first review. The Cisa astral s is a Anti Snap lock cylinder which adheres to British Standard grade 6. The Cisa astral s has 1.6 million different key variations and is anti-snap, anti-pick, anti-drill and anti-bump. This covers all commonly known forms of cylinder attack. The Astral S also has a 10 pins instead of the more commonly know 5 or 6 pins and uses a dimple key system. The anti-snap technology in the Cisa Astral S is a patented laminated steel core running the full length of the lock cylinder. The laminated section is visible from both ends of the lock cylinder providing a visual deterrent to burglars. The lock comes with its own security key registration card which means only the card holder can get spare keys cut. It is important to retain the registration card in case you need extra keys in future. The Cisa Astral S is available in all sizes to fit Upvc and composite doors and is also available in a thumb turn design. So what do we think? Overall we really rate the Cisa Astral S for security, reliability and price and this is a cylinder we are commonly asked to fit for our customers. The Cisa Astral S looks and feels like a top quality product and should be easily capable of stopping even the most determined burglars. 


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