Upvc doors are a big thing these days and have been for a long time now, just look when your walking down a street probably 75% of the doors you see will be upvc. As nice as these doors are they are not without there faults. The most common fault for any upvc or composite door is a locking mechanism failure, If this occurs when the door is unlocked it is bad enough but if this happens when the door is locked shut it is a even bigger problem leaving you either locked in or locked out. The most common cause of lock mechanism failure is when the door and frame are miss aligned. The poor alignment can occur due to the door twisting or dropping. Because upvc and composite doors have a lot of locking points it dosn't take a lot of movement for one or all of these locking points to stop the lock operating correctly. The first thing you will probably notice is that when you close the door it starts getting increasingly more difficult to lift the handle in order to lock the door. This is a sure sign that something is not quite aligned correctly. Most people just think this is wear and tear and leave the problem until the inevitable happens, a complete mechanism failure. In most cases it is the gearbox of the mechanism that breaks, this is because when the hooks and bolts start catching on the frame it highly increases the pressure on the gearbox as you force the handle up to get the door to lock in position.
So what should you do? At 1st Defence we are experts in Upvc and composite door lock repairs, if you spot that you door is getting harder to lock early on we can re align everything and get the lock back working 100% just like the day it was fitted. Not only will the locking action feel perfect again but it will also cost a fraction of the price of a complete multi point locking mechanism as when the problem is caught in the early stages usually no parts are needed. So if you notice that you are struggling to lock your door please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We are available 365 days a year and we are always happy to be of assistance.