Every summer without fail we get called to property's where the customer has left a door unlocked and things like house keys and car keys have been stolen. Last year we attended a job where the customer had left the front door unlocked and was in the back garden cutting the grass, somebody just walked in the front door picked up the bunch of keys for his office, house and car all on the same bunch and stole the car. This meant obviously that the car was gone but not only that all the locks on the house needed to be changed because there was a key for each door on the set of keys and the locks at his office also needed to be changed because there were business cards in the car with the business address on them. This is kind of a real worst case scenario but it does only take a few seconds to try a door handle and walk in and grab a set of keys or a laptop or mobile phone so when you do go in the back garden make sure the front door is locked or if you have things like patio doors open because its warm and your nipping upstairs for 15 minutes make sure you lock up it only takes 2 seconds to lock a door.