We had 3 jobs last month all with a identical problem. All 3 jobs were small digital safes where the batteries which control the electronic keypad had died. Normally this is not a problem as most small digital safes come with a override key so when the batteries have no power left the door can still be opened and the batteries changed. The batteries go inside the safe on the back of the door so when the batteries die the override key must be used. The problem with these 3 safes in question though was they all had the override keys locked in the safe! Our locksmiths Leeds service was easily able to gain entry to the safes without damaging the safes or the locks but obviously this still cost the customer more than the price of a couple of batteries. So the top tip for this month is make sure the keys are in a safe place but NOT inside the actual safe itself. If you look at the instructions there is usually a warning about this but yet people still ignore the warning. The type of safe in question will usually look similar the one pictured below.